Student profiles

A few of ISE's students answer some questions about their study experience and living in Iceland.


Samuel Perkin, Australia

Samuel joined Iceland School of Energy in 2012 from southern Australian Adelaide, succesfully completed his studies in 2014. His background in Civil engineering combined with environmental geoscience quickly secured him employment as a civil construction site engineer. However, Samuel wished to leave Australia and pursue a MSc in Europe and had an interest in the energy sector.

Ultimately, he ended up in Iceland due to many factors including (but not limited to) cost, culture, language, and presence of geothermal plants. Throughout his time as an ISE student, Samuel focused on obtaining the technical understanding of the different renewable energy technologies, and in the end focused on wind for his final thesis. In October 2014, Samuel was invited to speak at the Arctic Circle Assembly in the session "Rising Stars: The Arctic, Climate Change, and the Role of Renewable Energy."

After graduation, Samuel stayed in Iceland and is currently prusuing his PhD with Reykjavik University and Landsnet, working as part of an EU-FP7 research project called GARPUR on developing probabilistic reliability criteria for antional and multi-national electrical grids. Outside of his research activities here at Reykjavik Univeristy, Samuel also advises several current ISE students in their thesis research.

About Iceland School of Energy

By bringing together the best from industry and academia, Iceland School of Energy provides a unique, and comprehensive training for its students. A wide range of courses taught by the very best in their field open a broad spectrum of possibilities for students and allow for individual study designs. Focus is put on close collaboration with industry experts while maintaining high academic quality of the work.

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