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A few of ISE's students answer some questions about their study experience and living in Iceland.


Mike Doheny, USA

Originally from Amherst, NH, Mike came to Iceland in 2014 after having worked as non-destructive engineering in the American oil industry, following his completion of his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Economics. He joined ISE because of the decline in oil and gas related jobs, the opportunity to live in such beautiful country and a desire to entrench himself in the wind power sector.

During his studies here in Reykjavík, Mike primiarly focussed on obtaining an understanding for the power generation technologies, with a special focus on wind energy. His interest in the windsector ultimately led to Mike teaming up with Landsvirkjun for his final thesis project on Macro-Scale Multi Criteria Site Assessment for Wind Resource Development in Iceland. Mike also is one of the founding members of the Future Arctic Energy Network , a research centre set up under the umbrella of ISE, focussing on promotion of non-partisan, non-biased research on Arctic energy matters and the enabling of young professionals in the field.

Following his graduation in 2016, Mike has now secured work as a financial analyst & business development specialist within a wind power service company in South Carolina, USA. "ISE was great for me in that it gave me more opportunities to take steps in the direction I wanted to go. I had the opportunity to really learn about various power generation technologies," he states, "I had ample opportunity to network with peers and colleagues. Extra-curricular coursework, such as profitability assessment by Páll Jenson, really helped me brush up on financial analytics which are relevant to my field now." What he ultimately gained from his time at ISE is a more thorough understanding of power generation technologies, networking contacts and connections, an international group of friends and colleagues which he will continue to connect with throughout his life.

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