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A few of ISE's students answer some questions about their study experience and living in Iceland.

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Evelyn Gunawan, ID

Sustainable Energy, Class of 2019

Name & Major: Evelyn GunawanSustainable Energy
Age: 22
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Undergraduate Background: B.Sc. in Environmental Science from University of British Columbia

Why did you choose Iceland School of Energy for your graduate studies?

My goal is to start a consulting firm focusing in renewable energy and environmental assessment. Unlike other programs, ISE is unique in that it connects you to industries and offers many opportunities to hone practical skills. Additionally, ISE's interdisciplinary approach allows me to gain deeper insight of the industry itself. Hence, I chose ISE for graduate studies to allow me to focus on the practical aspect of renewable energy itself, while broadening my knowledge on other energy-related fields, such as economics and geology. 

Where do your main interests lie?

I am interested in learning the interdisciplinary approach to analyzing the feasibility and implementation of various renewable energy projects.

How does the ISE program allow you to combine your interests with your work here?

With the help of our Program Manager, R. Morgan Greene, I was able to choose classes that allow me to gain deeper understanding of the renewable energy field. I am currently taking classes such as Energy Economics, Energy Geology and Energy Technology, that I feel equip me with useful knowledge and skills for my future thesis project and career goal.

Where would you like to go after completing your studies here?

I would love to work in a consulting firm anywhere in the world! UK, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, etc. 

So far, how has your ISE experience been?

So far, it has been such an eye-opening experience. I love the classes since they are focused to what I really wanted to learn. The program is also flexible in that you can tailor it according to your past experience, knowledge and also the field you are interested in. Moreover, I am learning a lot from my fellow classmates who have such diverse experience; they truly bring in unique perspectives and this is what makes ISE able to offer a holistic education.

What part of the program are you looking forward to the most?

Choosing a thesis project that excites me.

How have you coped with the culture shock of moving to Iceland?

By making friends and connecting with them, finding activities to do outside of school, taking trips outside the city, and I do café-studying where I sit down with my laptop in a coffee shop, work, and occasionally do people watching. It all comes down to keeping yourself busy.

So far, what has been your strangest experience in Iceland?

Going out to my backyard in pajamas to see the northern lights. 

What do you enjoy about living in Iceland?

Northern lights, the connections I made with people in the program, and the coffee.

How would you describe life in Reykjavik?

It has been a very interesting experience living here. One day I would be studying in class, on another I would be hiking up towards the hill near the university at 12 AM to hunt for northern lights! 

How is studying at ISE different from where you studied before?

First, being in such a close-knit community allows you to get to know the people in your program pretty well and thus far, their backgrounds and diverse experience has really inspired me to do more and dream a little bigger. Second, all the staff and teaching members are really welcoming and open. Coming from a big university before, being able to have such open conversations with the university staffs make discussions so much more exciting.

What is something you have done here that everybody should do?

Check out the bookstores! One in 10 people in Iceland will have published a book. So the city definitely has a lot of interesting bookstores to visit.

What is something you wouldn't recommend to anyone coming here?

Looking for northern lights in the summer.

Finally, what has been the most useless item you brought to Iceland?

0.5 L of sesame oil.

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