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A few of ISE's students answer some questions about their study experience and living in Iceland.

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Brennan Cicierski, Canada

Second year ISE student conducting thesis research in Canada

Name: Brennan Cicierski 
Age: 24
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Academic Background: B.A.Sc. in Mining Engineering, University of British Columbia, Canada
Major & Class: Sustainable Energy Engineering, Class of 2018

Location of thesis research: Vancouver, Canada

How did you discover your thesis opportunity?

I reached out to UBC, the university where I completed my undergraduate studies, looking to collaborate with a professor having similar research interests. I was lucky enough to find a willing professor who has a fantastic outlook on sustainable energy systems in the mining industry. Together, we built my thesis proposal.

What motivated you to travel and study in Vancouver, Canada?

I wanted to find a project related to my prior academic background and one that affects Canada, the country where I'm from. 

What thesis research are you conducting?

I am working on a techno-economic feasibility study of using alternative energy solutions in remote mining applications, by focusing on a case study for a prospective Canadian mine.

What do you hope to accomplish?

My goal is to prove that using renewable energy at remote mining operations is a viable option and should be strongly considered as we aim to decarbonize our economy.

What are you most excited for during your time there?

I am excited to start working on solving real issues that heavy industry in Canada is facing, concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, ergo fossil fuel dependency.

What do you expect will be your biggest challenges?

I am anxious to work with equipment providers (vendors) in order to get accurate and up-to-date cost estimates, as well as delving deeply into state-of-the-art hybrid energy systems. This means that I will have to investigate fossil-based energy sources, not only renewable energy technologies. 

How will your research abroad compliment the rest of your studies with ISE?

I believe that this project will add a lot of value to my studies at ISE, since I will be relied upon for detailed design and cost estimation for a hybrid energy system, as well as learning how to integrate different energy technologies. 

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