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A few of ISE's students answer some questions about their study experience and living in Iceland.

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Bochang Chen, China

Name: Bochang Chen
Age: 24
Hometown:  Lanzhou, Gansu province, China 
Academic Background:  Automation
Major & Class: Sustainable Energy Engineering, Class of 2023

Could you share with us a little bit about where you are from and your academic journey before attending Iceland School of Energy?

I come from Lanzhou city, located in northwest China. My bachelor's degree is in Automation, focused on digital electronics, analog electronics, circuits, sensors, factory power supply, mechanical design, and engineering drawing. During Covid, we realized in school that it is essential to help medical working staff to deliver medicine to patients without direct contact and conduct daily disinfection. Doing this would help them protect themselves, decrease the infection rate, and create more possibilities for saving people's lives. These necessities led to my final thesis topic, 'Design a robot to deliver medicine and disinfect bacteria in a quarantine hospital.'


How did you end up in Iceland and why did you choose Iceland School of Energy?

I have a friend who studied here, and he told me this program is excellent. The degree of internationalization is high so I can meet many people from different countries and cultures. As for the courses in ISE, they will be helpful for your future career; if you want to apply for a Ph.D. degree, this will be a good start. As for Iceland, 100 percent of electricity comes from sustainable energy, like hydro and geothermal. The country has advanced geothermal technology, and many people are dedicated to geothermal study here. If you are interested in geothermal and pursuing a master's degree, you will like studying and living in Iceland.


What are you enjoying most about living in Iceland?

The most enjoyable thing about living in Iceland for me is that I have made many good friends here. We hang out, eat dinner and enjoy exotic foods together. Additionally, Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with stunning landscapes that live up to the "wonderland" reputation it has. I also appreciate that despite initially feeling nervous about studying in an unfamiliar country, the people here have been friendly and kind, always willing to help me navigate different languages and customs. I have also enjoyed the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle and learn from others with different cultural perspectives. Overall, it has been an incredible experience.

What would you like to do after you graduate from Iceland School of Energy?

After I graduate from ISE, I will return to my country and find a job in an energy company. I am uncertain about my plans, but I believe it's best to focus on the present and the task at hand.


What has been your greatest takeaway from studying at Iceland School of Energy?

My greatest takeaway from studying at Iceland School of Energy is the realization that persistence is key in achieving goals. This is something that will stay with me throughout my life. Additionally, studying at the school has exposed me to different perspectives and cultures, broadening my understanding of how people's lives and studies vary around the world. I have also gained valuable knowledge about various forms of sustainable energy, including how to harness them, their drawbacks, and ways to optimize and use them properly.


To all the potential students and professionals of the world considering graduate studies, why should they choose Iceland School of Energy?

To all potential students and professionals considering graduate studies, I may not be the best presenter, but I can assure you that choosing to study at the ISE will be a decision you will never regret. The education and experiences gained at ISE will be highly beneficial for your career. Not only will you learn a lot about your area of ​​interest, but you will also have the opportunity to see Iceland's beautiful landscapes and experience a unique way of life. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with your choice to study at ISE.

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