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New Digital Substation at Sundahofn, System Modeling Design and Operation

Power Systems and Smart Grids

Author: Ninoslav Vujisic
Year: 2020
Supervisor: Ragnar Kristjánsson


The Increase of demand in electricity due to the constant expansion of the City of Reykjavik required a constant upgrading of the current electricity grid in order to satisfy the demands of the customers. This inevitable upgrading and expanding of the grid represents a constant challenge for Iceland's electricity distribution operators to find better solution where many aspects such as the technical ,economical and safety issues must be taken into consideration. Today Veitur an Icelandic distribution service operator (DSO) provides services including electricity distribution system operator ,water and sewage for the capital region ,is facing a new challenge in Laurgadalur , one of the Reykjavik's central districts. The future projection of the load demand suggests a considerable increase that might arise from the original proposal for the expansion of the city of Reykjavik . That is why a recently proposed idea of constructing a new substation in that region arise as a best possible solution for mitigating any risks in the shortage of electricity supply. This project will undertake the preliminary design ,system modeling and propose of new technologies for the construction of the substation by Sundahofn. It includes system modeling of the grid with and without the substation where the power flow and the line capacities that will be a subject of investigation. This study will focus on the preliminary design of the substation itself and will examine the most feasible equipment that can be used (e.g. lines and transformers ,protection equipment ,11kV connection lines etc.) and will be able to provide recommendations of the implementation of the international standard defining communication protocol for intelligent electronic devices at electrical substations (IEC6180) technological standard for the newest substation technology development.

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