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Life cycle assessment for selected Blue Lagoon skincare products

Economics, Policy and Business

Author: Silvana Loayza Leon
Year: 2022
Supervisors: Dr. Halldór G. Svavarsson , Dr. Einar J. Ásbjörnsson, Fannar Jónsson


The Blue Lagoon ltd produces variety of skincare products by using natural ingredients appearing as by-products of geothermal energy harvesting in Svartsengi, Iceland. The goal of the study was to identify opportunities for reducing environmental impacts of two selected skincare by applying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the products for two distinct scenarios; 1) produced outside Iceland, and 2) produced in Iceland. A cradle-to-grave LCA based on the ReCiPe2016 methods was executed. Results indicate that overall impacts are lower by producing in Iceland rather than abroad. Future studies focused on packaging materials, and a complete sustainability assessment regarding the economic and social areas from the same product system are recomendad to optimize processes.