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Geothermal Potential Evaluation of Lausanne, VD, Switzerland

Geothermal Engineering and Exploration

Author: Romain Metge
Year: 2018
Supervisors: Juliet Newson and Francesco Barone


Switzerland policy has changed after a national referendum last year, Swiss people have decided to use renewable energies for their energy production and consumption. This green turn, is important, however the country already used hydropower as a main source of energy. Thus wind, solar and geothermal power are also going to be developed for the good of the country. The city of Lausanne takes the lead by deciding to use renewable energies and evaluate the potential of Geothermal energy. Lausanne already has some green heating projects using geothermal energy for heat. The intention is to increase the use of geothermal energy, particularly for large-scale district heating. This complete study follows five steps of exploration, from the seismic interpretation where geological structures have to be defined, and the building of a 3D geological model, then dynamic flow model, to have a better understanding of the reservoir, and how it works when we use it. Finally, an exploration well design has been proposed to conclude on the geothermal potential.