Current rules regarding Covid-19

Valid to 17 November 2021, in accordance with the current Rules about Restrictions of Gatherings.

1. Respect the general one meter distance rule and pay attention to personal infection prevention, e.g. with regular hand washing.

2. There is not a general obligation to wear face masks at the University, but it is recommended that people use masks where it is difficult go to respect the 1 meter rule, for example in Málið cafeteria, in elevators, by the entrance during peak hours, etc.

3. Those who experience symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been confirmed free of Covid by screening, should stay at home, at least until a negative screening result is available.

4. It is recommended that students and staff use the health authorities' tracking app.

5. Due to the epidemic, students and staff are allowed to work or study from home, in consultation with teachers or supervisors.

6. If a student or an employee has been abroad, the person in question may not come to the University until the results of the screening are clear.

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