Spring 2019

DateEvent School 
Jan 3rd - 8thRetake exams All schools
Jan 8thFreshman day All schools 
Jan 9thFirst day of teachingAll schools
Jan 15th Last day to register to a spring courseAll schools
Jan 28thDean´s list published
All schools
Feb 2ndGraduationAll schools
Feb 5thLast day to deregister from a spring course All schools
Feb 4th - March 8rd Sign up for graduation for all those who plan to graduate in June 2019All schools
Feb 4th - 28th Registration for summer courses 2019All schools
March 3rdExam schedule published
All schools
March 11th - 29thRegistration for courses in fall 2019All schools
April 2nd Last day of teaching, 12 week termAll schools
April 3rd - 16thExam period, 12 week termAll schools
April 17th - 28thEaster All schools
April 29th - May 17thThree week termAll schools
May 3rdLast day of teaching, 15 week termAll schools
May 6th - 17thExam period, 15 week termAll schools
May 20st - 21stExam / Assessment daysAll schools
May 16th - 22ndSigning for retake examsAll schools
May 27th - 31st Retake examsAll schools
June 22ndGraduationAll schools
July 7thDean´s list published
All schools

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