Spring 2017

Date Event School
Jan 3rd - 6th Sickness and retake exams All schools
Jan 5th - May 5th   3. period Preliminary studies
Jan 6th Orientation day All schools
Jan 9th First day of teaching All schools
Jan 13th Last chance to change course registration in ML in School of Law School of Law
Jan 20th Last day to register for a spring-term course All Schools
Jan 28th Graduation All schools
Feb 3rd Last day to unregister from a spring-term course All schools
Feb 6th - 24th Registration for Summer courses 2017 All schools 
 Feb 6th - Mar 10th  Sign up for June 2017 graduation

All schools

Mar 6th Publication of exam schedule All schools
Mar 13th - Apr 7th Registration for autumn 2017 courses All schools
Mar 31st Last day of teaching, 12 week term All schools
Apr 3rd - 21st Exam period, 12 week term All schools
Apr 12th -18th Easter break All schools + preliminary studies
Apr 24th - May 12th Three week term All schools
Apr 28th Last day of teaching, 15 week term All schools
May 2nd - 12th Exam period, 15 week term All schools
May 8th - 17th Exams Preliminary studies 
May 15th - 16th Assessment days All schools
May 15th - 18th Signing for retakes All schools
May 18th - 30th 4. period - first part Preliminary studies
May 22nd - 26th Sickness and retake exams All schools 
May 31st - June 2nd Sickness and retake exams Preliminary studies
June 6th - 16th 4. period - second part Preliminary studies
June 17th Graduation All schools
June 19th Graduation - preliminary studies  Preliminary studies

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