Fall 2015


Date Event School
August 4th 
First day of teaching for those students attending the course STÆ2A05
Department of Preliminary Studies
August 14th
Fresher's day All schools
August 17th
First day of teaching All schools
August 21st
Last day to unregister from a fall course in ML in School of Law School of Law
August 28th
Last day to change registration for fall term courses 2014 All schools
Sept. 10th - Sept. 11th  Disaster Days School of Science and Engineering
September 11th
Last day to unregister from a fall course All schools
September 23rd
Dean's list All schools
Oct. 5th - Nov. 9th
Sign up for graduation for all those who want to graduate in January 2016 All schools
Oct. 5th - Nov. 9th
Registration for courses, spring term 2016 All schools
October 5th
Publication of Exam schedule All schools
November 2nd-6th Last chance to change course registration for three week term. All schools
November 6th
Last day of teaching, 12 week period in undergraduate studies, Schools of Business, Law and Computer Science.  School of Business, School of Law and School of Computer Science
November 11th
Last day of teaching, 12 week period, undergraduate studies in school of science and engineering.  All schools
Nov. 12th - Nov. 25th
Exam period, 12 week period All schools
Nov. 26th- Dec. 16th Three week term All schools
November 27th
Last day of teaching, 15 week period (MSc in business, technology, construction architecture).  All schools
Nov. 30th - Dec. 11th
Exam period, 15 week term All schools
December 14th - 22th
Registration for retakes All schools
December 17th -18th
Assessment days All schools
4th - 7th of January  Retakes All schools
January 15th
Graduation, preliminary studies Preliminary studies
January 30th
Graduation  All schools

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