The School of Science and Engineering offers undergraduate programmes in Engineering, Technology, Sport Science and Architectural Technology and Construction Management. Courses are generally taught in Icelandic with a selection available in English each year. More information on courses taught in English can be found in the RU online course catalogue.

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RU School of Science and Engineering is a part of the CDIO network. The CDIO framework provides students with an education stressing engineering fundamentals set in the context of conceiving, designing, implementing, and operating real-world systems and products.


  • BSc Financial Engineering
  • BSc Engineering Management
  • BSc Biomedical Engineering
  • BSc Mechatronics Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering

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Applied Engineering

  • BSc Applied Civil Engineering
  • BSc Applied Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Applied Mechanical/Energy Engineering
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Sport Science

  • BSc in Sport Science

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Construction Architecure

  • BSc in Construction Architecture

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  • Diploma in Construction Technology
  • Diploma in Electrical Technology
  • Diploma in Mechanical Technology
  • Diploma in Technology - Business Administration

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