The School of Science and Engineering offers two engineering programs. One is a program with an emphasis on practical projects in cooperation with industry. These programs are 210 ECTS leading to a BSc in Applied Engineering. Graduates qualify to apply to be registered as certified Engineers (Icelandic: Tæknifræðingur). The other is a five year program, first a 180 ECTS BSc program with a 120 ECTS MSc program to follow. These programs have a more theoretical emphasis. After graduation from the master's program, graduates qualify to apply to be registered as chartered Engineers (Icelandic: Verkfræðingur).

All programs at the bachelor's level are taught in Icelandic. A number of courses taught in English are available for visiting exchange students. All engineering master's programs are available in English. 

Overview of programs

Course catalogues

Engineering BSc (180 ECTS)

Applied Engineering BSc (210 ECTS)

Engineering MSc

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