Diploma Programs in Technology

Programs in technology are practically oriented diplomas, rooted in traditional trades. Each diploma program is 90 ECTS credits and is operated solely as distance learning. Twice during each term, students attend working sessions over a weekend where they perform lab exercises and projects which are not suited for distance learning. The program spans 3 years alongside work, but by concentrating on full study activity it can be completed in 1 1/2 years. Students outside the Reykjavik area can get access to local education centers, but students in the Reykjavik area are offered study facilities for group work on the university premises. 

To be certified as an Technician, students must have a Journeyman's Certificate in the field, which will then grant them a Master Craftsmanship Diploma. Students graduating with a Diploma in Technology can go on to complete a 30 ECTS Diploma in Technology - Business Administration.


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