The BSc program in Constructing Architecture aims to train students in solving practical design projects where teamwork and communication are important factors. Students work on practical projects both individually and in groups, under the guidance of instructors with extensive practical experience in architectural design and building construction.

The first part of the program, 90 ECTS, is taught through distance learning alongside a study program in Construction Technology. The second part of the program, 120 ECTS, is project based learning, taught on campus. 

The first part of the program can begin either in the fall or spring semester, but the second part always begins in the spring, ensuring a continuation in the studies of full time students beginning in the fall.

Constructing architecture

BSc degree in Constructing Architecture, 210 ECTS 


Prospective students must have completed a Journeyman's Examination in construction field or a matriculation examination from an Icelandic secondary school. Additional requirements are 20 fein credits in mathematics, 10 fein credits in physics, 20 fein credits in Icelandic and 15 fein credits in English. 

To fulfill these academic requirements, students can attend preparatory courses at Reykjavik University's Preliminary Studies, which are specifically designed to be taken as distance learning alongside the Constructing Architecture program.


  Construction Technology 90 ECTS
  Design Projects and courses 75 ECTS
  Traineeships 15 ECTS
  Specialized essay 10 ECTS
  Final project 20 ECTS
=> BSc in Constructing Architecture     210 ECTS 


Constructing architects, work in architecture and engineering firms as designers, project managers or in quality control. 
Many constructing architects are employed by construction companies as a project managers or foremen at building sites. Additional fields of work include insurance companies, real estate companies, banks, companies in the import and retail trade, and government agencies. 

Constructing Architects are eligible to be certified as designers upon fulfilling required conditions of a three year job experience, training seminar, and examination by the Icelandic Construction Authority. As certified designers, they are qualified to submit architectural drawings for building and construction projects. 

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