Funded Projects

Landsnet and Landsvirkjun funding

SIF received 20 Million ISK from Landsnet and Landsvirkjun for research projects in the academic year 2020/2021. In a peer-to-peer selection process involving all SIF members, the following projects were selected to be funded.

Name of project Applicants Amount [k ISK]
Electrification of heavy-duty vehicles in Iceland – feasibility and strategies H. Stefánsson, E. Ásgeirsson, R. Kristjánsson 3000
LCA of Icelandic products G. Sævarsdóttir, E. Ásbjörnsson, D. Finger, A. Islind 1650
Mobility in Reykjavik urban area M. Óskarsdóttir, M. Halldórsson 1100
Predictors of healthy cognitive aging: The AGES-Study M. Jónsdóttir 1100
Towards sustainable energy markets in Europe: Case of capacity markets E. Carlson 1000
Towards Overcoming Local Optima in Extremum Seeking Control for Wind Farms E. August 1000
Molecular Dynamics of Perovskite Solar Cells A. Manolescu 550
Development of an experimental facility with specific focus on wind energy A. Gylfason 550
Geyser modelling J. Newsson 550
Extracting nutrient from lava for cultivation of microalgae H. Svavarsson 550
Learning about Climate Change in Multiuser Virtual Reality H. Vilhjálmsson 550
Are green bonds relevant financing alternatives? S. Wendt 550
Towards a more sustainable use of space: Analysis of internet data for A. Islind 550

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