For Students

The library is a place to study and a knowledge bank. Here you have access to the literature and information that you need throughout your studies. You can both use the library as a physical place and/or use the electronic resources outside campus.

The information specialists provide research assistance by booking an appointment or use the online chat service for inquires and assistance.

The library provides silent study areas, computer work stations and areas for studying in groups. The Coursebook Library is located at the library desk. It contains one copy of all textbooks used in undergraduate programmes during the current semester, in addition to selected textbooks used in graduate programmes. Textbooks from the Coursebook Library can only be borrowed for reading on campus. The Coursebook Library also contains supplementary material for courses according to requests from instructors and print copies of all RU final theses.

Information on final theses can be found in: - print copies and - electronic copies since 2010. Students are encouraged to provide open access to their theses in Skemman. Skemman also provides access to final theses written by students at other Icelandic universities.

According to rules on submission of final theses students are obligated to submit an electronic copy to Skemman. The library has prepared instructions on submitting final theses to Skemman.

Reykjavik University Library is here for you – please keep the premises tidy and respect the resources you share with your fellow students. Use your phones outside the library and please note that food is not allowed in the library, nor in group rooms or reading rooms.

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