Project courses

In their second semester students work on a 3-week practical group project.  Normally, each group consists of 4-5 students. During this project course, students experience the whole software development cycle, i.e. specification, design, programming and testing. At the end of a course, each group gives an oral presentation of its project.

Thus, students are given the opportunity to apply the topics they have been exposed to during the regular semester.

The project train students to:

  • Work together in a group
  • Write a project report and give an oral presentation
  • Apply the individual phases of the software development cycle
  • Solve larger problems than are possible in regular courses

Three week intense course, 6 ECTS

3-week courses are taught for the first three weeks of the fall semester but after the 12-week regular courses in the spring semester.  Students can select these courses in semesters 3-6.  The aim of a three week intense course is to expose students to some specialized topic, which is presented by teachers from domestic or international universities or institutions, or teachers from industry.  The table below lists the three week intense courses that have been given at the School of Computer Science


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