Research policy

The School of Computer Science applies itself to research, so as to advance the state of the art in specific areas of computer science. This is achieved by maintaining local core expertise, by working in collaboration with international partners, and by attracting enthusiastic research students and post-doctoral visitors.

The local expertise is provided by a core of carefully chosen academic staff, who are active members of the international research community in their field. The School focuses on selected areas, to enable small groups of staff to work together in each area, which is essential for effective research.

International collaboration is the key to fruitful and effective research. This is done in part through the traditional means of visiting lecturers, conferences and open participation in the international community. In addition, the School of Computer Science maintains a tighter network of collaborations with select institutions, with faculty and student exchanges, flexibility in part-time positions for international researchers, and very close collaboration on research and funding.

Attracting graduate students is essential for active research in a university. Reykjavík University has the unique advantage of offering graduate education and post-doctoral positions in one of the world's most interesting locations, while also providing the depth of expertise and international connections students and post-doctoral staff seek.

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