Admission Requirements

The School of Computer welcome applications from all suitably qualified candidates. Applicants should at minimum have completed an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, or a related area, before entering the program. In the M.Sc. program, the applicant must have demonstrated strong potential for further graduate studies.

Applications may be submitted at any time, although the School of Computer Science may post an advertisement for Ph.D. positions with a specific application deadline.

Application process

Applicants must go through 3 steps to apply for the Ph.D. program at the School of Computer Science:

  1. Obtain secure funding
  2. Submit an electronic application
  3. Submit accompanying documentation

Step 1 - Funding

Before proceeding to Step 2 and 3 students from outside the EEA and EFTA shall prove financial capability to reside in Iceland. Please read the guidelines here. Financial capability may be deemed secure if the student is hired into a Ph.D. position.

Ph.D. positions may be available to applicants through the research grants of individual faculty members. Open positions may be found here .

Note: In general funding does not cover tuition fees. However the School of Computer Science offers tuition waivers to exceptionally qualified incoming PhD students. Students who qualify for such waivers will be contacted directly by the Ph.D. administration upon admission to the programme.

Step 2 - Electronic application

Students must submit an electronic applications online ( click here).

Step 3 - Documentation

Each application must be accompanied by the following documentation, which must be sent by regular mail (postmarked by the posted application deadline):

  • Official transcripts from previous undergraduate and graduate programs (including student's relative ranking).
  • Three letters of recommendation from faculty members (or others familiar with the academic abilities of the applicant).
  • Statement of purpose, describing the applicant's research interests and the proposed field of study.
  • For international non-native English speaker applicants, a proof of sufficient proficiency in English is required (e.g. via TOEFL or a master thesis written in English). GRE scores are also required from applicants outside of EU/EEA. The TOEFL DI Code is 8825. More information can be seen here:

Documents are mailed to the following address:

Reykjavik University
School of Computer Science - Ph.D. program
Menntavegi 1

101 Reykjavik


For more information please contact the office of the School of Computer Science 

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