Language Technology

2 years full time, 120 ECTS

Language of instruction: Icelandic/English

Start date:

 January and August each year - NOTE students are only accepted every other year. 


What is Language Technology?

Language Technology (LT) is a research and development field whose purpose is to develop tools that can process and understand human languages and facilitate their use inhuman-computer interaction.The Master program in Language Technology (MLT), which is run jointly by Reykjavik University (RU) and University of Iceland (UI), is a two year interdisciplinary program.

The aim of the programme is to:

  • Graduate students with the necessary knowledge to manage language technology projects and implement LT systems.
  • Prepare students for PhD studies in the field of LT.

Bachelors degree
  • Students must either have a BA degree in the humanities (languages and linguistics) or a BSc degree in computer science or related subjects (such as electrical and computer engineering).

English Language Requirements

  • Students whose first language is not English are required to provide certifications of TOEFL scores or comparable tests. The TOEFL DI Code is 8825.

Admission Requirements


Course Name   Term  Instructor(s)
Computers and Languages    Fall Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson 
Natural Language Processing  Fall

Hannes H. Vilhjálmsson

Hrafn Loftsson 

Research Methodology   Fall Kristinn R. Thórisson 
Semantics and Wordnets  Spring Anna Nikulásdóttir
Information Extraction  Spring Mark Stevenson

The following is a list of additional courses that may be offered:

  • Linguistic resources
  • Corpus building
  • Machine learning


If you have any questions or want to learn more about our programmes please contact:
Kaelene Spence

Programme Administrator
(+354) 599 6386
Office hours: Available by appointment




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