Faculty and staff

Dean of School of Computer Science is Yngvi Björnsson

Administrative Director is Sigrún María Ammendrup.

Further information about the department can be found by contacting the faculty member or by sending an email to the office at  scs_office@ru.is.

David Thue

Assistant Professor

PhD from the University of Alberta. Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Games, including within the CADIA research center.

Halldór Halldórsson

Halldór Halldórsson

Associate Professor


Hallgrímur Arnalds

Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies


Hannes H. Vilhjálmsson

Associate Professor

PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he performed interdisciplinary research at the MIT Media Lab. Leads the Socially Expressive Computing research group at CADIA, which focuses on the computational modelling and simulation of human social expression in virtual and mixed environments. The chair of the RU Research Council. Co-Founder of a couple of companies in the area of serious games for training.


Henning Arnór Úlfarsson

Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 

PhD in Mathematics from Brown University. Served as the chair of the Icelandic Mathematics Society for several years. Does research in combinatorics, more specifically permutation patterns and algorithms for discovering and proving conjectures in that field.


Hrafn Loftsson

Associate Professor

Kári Halldórsson


Luca Aceto

Luca Aceto


Luca Aceto (PhD, University of Sussex) is scientific co-director of ICE-TCS, the Icelandic Centre of Excellence in Theoretical Computer Science, and was the president of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science in the period July 2012-July 2016. Since July 2014, he is an elected member of the Informatics Section of Academia Europaea, the Academy of Europe. His research focuses on concurrency theory, semantics of programming and specification languages, and logic in computer science. 

Marcel Kyas

Marcel Kyas

Assistant Professor


Marta Kristín Lárusdóttir

Associate Professor

PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). The chair for the CRESS research center. Her research is focus on user experience (UX) and usability of software system, where agile processes are used, e.g. Scrum and Kanban. 


Stephan Schiffel

Assistant Professor


Yngvi Björnsson

Dean and Professor


Ýmir Vigfússon

Assistant Professor


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