The School of Business Receives International Accreditation for its Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration - EPAS

EPAS LogoThe RU School of Business has received the international EPAS accreditation for its BSc programme in business administration. The EPAS accreditation confirms the quality of the business administration programme and represents a great milestone for the School of Business and Reykjavik University. The accreditation furthermore strengthens the position of both current and graduated students and creates various opportunities for strengthening the programme and the School of Business in the coming years.

The EPAS accreditation, which is awarded for the next three years, is granted by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) which is a member organisation of 750 business universities/faculties and other parties that wish to work on developing and improving business education. EFMD is an international organisation with members from 81 countries.

The EPAS accreditation process is based on an international comparison and takes into account various factors regarding the quality of a study programme, for example

  • goals, structure, and content of studies;
  • teachers, teaching methods, and quality of teaching;
  • student group and assessment;
  • international ties;
  • ties to the business community;
  • quality system;
  • support which students receive in their studies and at the end of their studies;
  • how graduates fare in the employment market;
  • facilities and support for studies and teaching.

The appraisal was conducted by an international assessment committee in November of 2011, for example, on the basis of a detailed report on the BSc programme, the School of Business, and Reykjavik University. The assessment committee held meetings with, for example, teachers and other staff in the School of Business, employees of support services, students, and graduates and their employers.

EFMD grants business universities/faculties two types of accreditation, specifically, an overall accreditation (EQUIS) and accreditation of individual study programmes (EPAS). By receiving the EPAS accreditation, the RU School of Business has become part of a group of 180 schools with EQUIS/EPAS accreditations. The group includes many of the best business universities in the world and nine of the best business universities in the Nordic Countries. Aside from the MBA programme at the RU School of Business, no business programme in Iceland has been awarded an accreditation comparable to the one which the BSc programme in business administration has now received.

See further information on EFMD and EPAS

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