BSc in Economics

180 ECTS

  • Language of instruction: Icelandic

Selected modules available in English


This diverse and demanding  programme prepares students for the professional world or further studies. 

Why study Economics at RU?

  • International accreditation


  • Diverse course options and interdisciplinary studies
  • The programme has received international accreditation from EPAS which attests to its quality. The accreditation is granted by the European Foundation for Management Development EFMD which is a membership organisation of 750 business universities/faculties and other parties that wish to work on developing and improving business education. Further information on the accreditation.
  • Emphasis on practical assignments1_PRME_LOGOTYPE2
  • International knowledge and strong ties with industry
  • Our professors are accomplished specialists who have acquired graduate and doctoral degrees at highly regarded international universities, and possess vast professional experience.

Information for current students


The degree consists of core courses which account for 156 ECTS, electives for 12 ECTS, and a final assignment that counts for 12 ECTS. The programme takes three years to complete. Students generally take five courses (30 ECTS) per semester, four courses at the 12 week period and one course at the three week period. An emphasis is placed on problem-solving classes, diverse assessment methods, and on utilising the advantages of group project work. 


 First year - Fall  First year - Spring
 Macroeconomics II  Microeconomics I
 Applied Mathematics I  Applied Statistics I
 Financial Accounting  Applied Mathematics II
 Marketing Management  Management
 Methodology (3 week module) Entrepreneurship and Starting New Ventures (3 week module)
 Second year - Fall  Second year- Spring
 Macroeconomics II  Microeconomics II
 Econometrics  Labour Economics
 Corporate Finance  International Ecomomics
Design and Analysis of Annual Financial Statements  Public Finance and Public Choice
 Valuation / Human Resource Management *  Portfolio Management / Managerial Management *
 Third year - Fall  Third year - Spring
 Quatitative Methods in Economics  Business Ethics
 Applied Game Theory  Financial Markets / Operation Management *
History of Economic Theory and Economic Thought  Free elective
 Applied Project in Economics (3 week module)  BSc Thesis
 Free elective  

* Finance / Management


A matriculation examination or equivalent. Other degrees will be considered on an individual basis. Applicants should preferably have certain basic mathematical skills. It is preferable that students have completed at least mathematics 503 or equivalent. Good skills in both Icelandic and English are required. The same admission requirements apply to the full-time programme and the part-time programme.

In order to apply for full-time programme, students need to speak Icelandic. Students can however take courses in the programme through the RU´s students' exchange programme.

What needs to accompany applications?

  • An official (stamped) transcript of the matriculation examination must be submitted in print format to the RU reception. Scanned diplomas are not accepted.
  • Letter of recommendation (a plus but not mandatory)

If students have completed university-level courses, they can apply for those previous studies to be evaluated for transfer of credit. Rules and form for evaluation of previous studies. 

Contact us


Guðný Arna EinarsdóttirGuðný Arna Einarsdóttir
Programme Administrator
Phone:+354 599-6338

You can also contact Student Services for information. 


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