About CRMC

The main aim of CRMC is to conduct research that provides insights into marketing and consumer behaviour in the area of healthy food marketing, and tourism, and to analyse the implications of such insight for Icelandic and Nordic industries. The research at CRMC focuses on buyer behaviour as well as how marketers can create value for the consumer. The CRMC uses multifarious methodological approaches where traditional survey techniques are supplemented using observational, real-time methods such as conjoint analysis and biometrics (eye-tracking, EEG, facial expressions, GSR). The CRMC adopts an interdisciplinary approach combining marketing, psychology, and economics. 

The CRMC collaborates with international researchers and practitioners in the field of marketing and consumer psychology, leading to greater inter-sectoral knowledge transfer and increased scientific impact. The scientific impact is at a conceptual (developing theory/framework), applied (consumer behaviour research in real life settings and especially consumer choice behaviour) or a methodological level (experimental designs). 

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