Academic staff

Aldís Guðný Sigurðardóttir

Aldís Guðný Sigurðardóttir

Part time Lecturer

PhD and MSc in Business Administration from RU. 

  • Fields of research: Negotiation behavior in B2B negotiation, focusing on which negotiation behaviors lead to better performance, emotional intelligence effects on negotiation behavior, cross cultural communication. 
  • Courses: Negotiation and Sales and Cross Cultural Communication 
Andrea Carugati

Andrea Carugati

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Manufacturing Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. MSc in Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

  • Fields of research: Strategic impact of technology on IT driven organisational change, and on the deployment of information technology in organisations.
  • Professor of Information Systems and Innovation at the Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University.
  • Course: Advanced business informatics.

Atli Þór Jóhannsson

Part time lecturer

MAcc in Accounting and Auditing and BSc in Business Administration from Reykjavik University.
  • Certified accountant.
  • Course: Corporate taxation.
Auður Arna Arnardóttir

Auður Arna Arnardóttir

Assistant professor

PhD and MSc in Counselling Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University. PLD from IESE, Barcelona, Spain. Specialisation in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, University of Iceland. BA in Psychology from University of Iceland. 

  • Fields of research: Work psychology, counselling psychology, leadership, change management, performance management, work and personal balance.
  • Course: Performance management.

Birna María Sigurðardóttir

Part time Lecturer

MAcc from University of Iceland. State authorized public accountant in 2013.

  • Fields of expertise: IT audit, process mapping, internal controls implementation.
  • Course: Information Technology in Accounting.

Carsten Rohde

Part time Lecturer

  • Fields of research: Strategic management accounting concepts and techniques.
  • Professor of Management Accounting at the Dept. of Accounting & Auditing at Copenhagen Business School. 
  • Course: Management accounting and Management control.
  • Further details on Carsten Rohde. 

Catherine Elisabet Batt

Part time lecturer and PhD student

PhD student at RU School of Business. MABI Master of Management Accounting and Business Intelligence from RU, BSc in Business Administration and Logistic from RU
  • Fields of research: Management Accounting, Management control systems, Budgeting (public and private), Environmental uncertainty, Performance. 
  • Course: Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance
Claus Parum

Claus Parum

Visiting professor

PhD from Copenhagen Business School. MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen.

  • Fields of research: Corporate finance (e.g. cost of capital, capital structure, payout policy, valuation, risk premium, taxation, ownership structure).
  • Associate Professor at the Department of Finance at Copenhagen Business School. 
  • Courses: Corporate finance and Cases in corporate finance.
  • Further details on Claus Parum.
David Schwarzkopf

David Schwarzkopf

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut. MSc in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and in Accountancy from Bentley University. BSc in German language and Literature from Harvard University.

  •  Fields of research: How professions and professionals interact with communities in discussing economic development and in establishing trust.
  • David is the director of full-time MBA programmes at Bentley University, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Course: Auditors, profession, risk and ethics. 
David Skovmand

David Skovmand

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Economics from University of Aarhus.
  •  Fields of research: Interest rate derivatives, inflation modelling, and financial econometrics. 
  • Associate Professor of Financial Mathematics at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
  • Course: Portfolio management. 
Dimo Dimov

Dimo Dimov

Visiting professor

PhD in Entrepreneurship from London Business School.
  • Fields of research: Enabling, accelerating, and funding the entrepreneurial process, from initial idea to viable venture.
  • Dimo is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Bath – School of Management, where he also serves as Associate Dean for Finance and Planning.
  • Courses: Venture capital and Entrepreneurial Finance.
Freyr Halldórsson

Freyr Halldórsson


PhD in Human Resources and Industrial Relations from Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. MA in Industrial/Organisational Psychology from New York University. BA in Psychology from University of Iceland.
  • Fields of research: Organisational Psychology, Industrial Relations.
  • Course: Organisational psychology.

Hallur Þór Sigurðarson

Assistant Professor

PhD in Business from Copenhagen Business School, CBS. MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy from CBS and BSc in Computer Science from RU.
  • Fields of research: Entrepreneurship, organisational creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial leadership and process method.
  • Course: Becoming entrepreneur and Innovation.
Haukur Freyr Gylfason

Haukur Freyr Gylfason


MA from University of Iceland; MSc form York University
  • Fields of research:  Behavioral Economics
  • Courses: Business Research Methodology

Heimir Örn Herbertsson

Senior Scientist, School of Law

Cand. Juris from the University of Iceland.

Supreme Court Attorney.
  • Fields of research: 

    Competition law and practice.

  • Course: Corporate law.
Henrik Holt Larsen

Henrik Holt

Part time Lecturer

Post-doc dissertation from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark.
  • Fields of research: International and strategic HRM, training and performance appraisal, career and talent development etc.
  • Professor emeritus in Human Resource Management at Copenhagen Business School.
  • Course: Training and development.

Jacob Lund Orquin

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Marketing and Professor at Department of Management at Aarhus University.
  • Fields of research: My research concerns the role of visual attention in decision making and attempts to explain a) what we gaze at when we make decisions as consumers or managers and b) how gazing at things can influence and sometimes bias our choices.
  •  Course: Consumer Behavior 

Jón Bjarki Gunnarsson

Part time Lecturer

MSc in Business Performance and BSc in Business Administration, Aarhus School of Business.

  • Field of research: Business Intelligence, decision support. 
  • Courses: Business intelligence and analytics and Information Technology in Accounting.

Jón Ingi Ingibergsson

Part time Lecturer

ML dregree in Law from Bifröst University, Iceland.
  • Field of research: Corporate tax law.
  • Course: Corporate taxation.

K. Ravindran

Part time Lecturer

  • Fields of research: 

    Decision Theory, Derivatives, Risk-management, Game Theory, Operations Management, Geometric Probability, Number Theory, Insurance derivatives, Actuarial Mathematics, Securitization, private equity, alternative asset classes.

  • Course: Applied Derivatives.
  • K. Ravindran manage private equity fund (including arbitraging and investing in illiquid/distressed assets).

Karl Moore

Part time Lecturer

PhD, Strategy and Leadership, Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada. MA, Oxford University, honoury degree. MBA, Managerial Decision Systems, University of Southern California, LA, USA.
  • Fields of research: Strategy, CEO Leadership, Introverted Leadership.
  • Course: Change Management and Leadership.
  • Associate Professor at McGill´s Faculty of Management. 
Katrín Ólafsdóttir

Katrín Ólafsdóttir

Assistant professor

PhD in Labour Economics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. MA in Labour Economics, Minor in Resource Economics, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. A.B. (Advanced Bachelor's) in Economics, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California.

  • Fields of research: Labour economics.
  • Course: International and labour economics.

Ketill Berg Magnússon


MBA from ESADE, Barcelona, Spain. Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Iceland. MA in Philosophy from the University of Saskachewan, Canada and BA in Philosophy from the University of Iceland.

  • Fields of research: Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Ethical issues in Business.
  • Course: Business Ethics.

Kjartan Sigurðsson 

Part time Lecturer and PhD student

PhD student at RU School of Business. MSc in International Business from RU, BA in Sociology from University of Iceland.

  • Fields of research: Sustainability with focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR) as strategy for business development.

    CSR studies include high emphasis on Business ethics, human resources, society and the environment and how these can contribute to sustainable long term growth and competitive advantage.

  • Course: Strategic Human Resource Management and Metrics.
Kristján Vigfússon

Kristján Vigfússon


MBA from RU and MA in Political Science from UI
  • Fields of research: Strategic management, strategy implementation obstacles key success factors and models.
  • Adjunt in strategy and negotiations
  • Courses: Negotiations
Dr. Marina Candi

Marina Candi


PhD in Business from Copenhagen Business School. MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle.
  • Fields of research: Innovation, technological innovation, service innovation, design-driven innovation, experience-based innovation, social innovation, interactive marketing, entrepreneurship. 
  • Course: Innovation management. 

Már Wolfgang Mixa

Assistant Professor

PhD in Business Administration from RU. MSc in Corporate Finance from the University of Iceland. BSBA degree in Finance and a BA degree in Philosophy from the University of Arizona.
  • Fields of research: Investments, corporate finance, financial markets and behavioural finance. 
  • Course: Equity analysis.
Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell

Part time Lecturer

Currently pursuing a PhD through NUI Galway in the area of Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) and Innovation.
  • Fields of research: Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, and Accounting Education. 

  • Lecturing in Accounting, DCU Business School. 
  • Course: Consolidated Financial Statements.


Oliver Müller

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Economics from the University of Münster, Germany. BSc and MSc in Information Systems.

  • Fields of research: Business intelligence and analytics. How organisations can use data and analytics to support decision making and improve business processes. 
  • Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. 
  • Course: Business process management.

Páll M. Ríkharðsson

Páll M. Rikhardsson


PhD and MSc in Business Administration from the Aarhus School of Business, Denmark.

  • Fields of research: Management accounting, decision support systems, accounting systems and business intelligence. 
  • Course: Strategic management accounting.

Ramon Diaz-Bernardo

Ramon Diaz-Bernardo

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Business Administration - Marketing from IESE Business School. MBA from ESDEN Business School. MSc in Engineering by the University of Nottingham. Degree in Engineering from Universidad de Oviedo, Spain.
  • Fields of research: Tourism, Hospitality Marketing, International Marketing.
  • Courses: International marketing and Tourism marketing.

Richard Benbow Dull

Part time Lecturer

PhD from Virginia Tech, MBA from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and BSc in Accounting and Computer Applications from Harding University (all USA).

  • Fields of research: Using technology for making accounting decisions and continuous assurance and monitoring. His professional certifications include CPA, CFF, CFE, and CISA.
  • Professor at West Virginia University, serving as Chair of the Dept. of Accounting, and teaches forensic accounting and accounting information systems.
  • Course: Accounting fraud and forensics.


Sara Ghezzi 

Part time Lecturer

Ph.D. from Auburn University in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Currently a Lecturer at the University of Southern Maine in Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Field of research:Food Safety, Event Management, Collaborative Teaching 
  • Course- Fundamentals in Tourism and Hospitality Management and Trends and Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Stephan Aier

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Information Systems and MSc in Industrial Engineering from Technical University Berlin, Germany.

  • Fields of interest: Enterprise-wide information systems, architectural coordination, enterprise architecture management, information systems complexity, value co-creation in service ecosystems.
  • Assistant Professor of Information Management at University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.
  • Course: Enterprise architectures.

Stefan Wendt

Stefan Wendt

Associate Professor

PhD and MSc from

Bamberg University, Germany.

  • Fields of interest: Corporate finance and governance, financial markets and asset pricing, risk management, small and medium-sized enterprises, behavioral finance and financial intermediation.
  • Course: Business research methodology in accounting and finance. 


Sunna Dóra Einarsdóttir

Part time Lecturer

Cand. Oecon from the University of Aarhus.
  • Fields of research: Management Accounting, Accounting for decision and control.
  • CFO and Partner at Deloitte.
  • Course: Information Technology in Accounting.

Thomas Walker

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Finance and MBA in Finance and International Business from Washington State University.
  • Fields of research: 

    Sustainability and climate change, corporate governance, IPO under pricing, securities regulation and litigation, institutional ownership, and insider trading.

  • Associate Dean at Concordia University. 

  • Course: International Finance

Tracy M. Michaud

Part time Lecturer

Ph.D. in Anthropology from University of Pittsburgh; MA in Anthropology from University of Pittsburgh; BA in Anthropology fro University of Maine at Farmington
  • Fields of Research: Responsible Tourism Development and Innovation in Rural Regions; Community Engaged Learning and Retaining Diverse Students; Anthropology of Tourism 
Unnar Friðrik Pálsson

Unnar Friðrik Pálsson


Cand. Oecon from the University of Iceland.
  • Fields of research: Certified accountant
  • Courses: Financial accounting practice and standards I and II.
Valdimar Sigurðsson

Valdimar Sigurðsson


PhD from Cardiff University.
  • Fields of research: Consumer behaviour analysis (consumer psychology), in-store experiments (retailing) and experimental analysis in digital marketing.
  • Courses: Advanced and digital marketing and Branding and strategic marketing.
Vishnu M. Ramachandran Girija

R.G. Vishnu Menon

Part time Lecturer

PhD in Marketing, RU School of Business. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management - Marketing, Bharathidasan Institute of Management and Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Warangal.
  • Fields of research: Digital marketing, Consumer behaviour analysis, Eye tracking and online experiments, 
  • Courses: Advanced and digital marketing and Branding and strategic marketing.

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