Available masters and doctoral projects

An overview of opportunities for students to work with scientists at Reykjavik University on research projects. Please contact the person listed within each project for further information.

Undergraduate level projects are on the Icelandic portion of RU's website: Available undergraduate level projects

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MSc thesis topics in environmental and sustainable engineering

MSc level projects, School of Science and Engineering


Various MSc and PhD topics in the field of environments engineering and sustainable development are available. Many projects will be carried out in collaboration with Icelandic or international partners. The topics cover the following areas:

  • Modelling of water resources
  • Low carbon technology projects
  • Renewable energy production
  • Environmental impacts studies
>> See a list of previous MSc theses.

It is mandatory to enlist in one of the two following course in order to write a thesis in the field of environmental engineering:

RU has agreements with international partner institutions in Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Serbia and other countries.

Please visit the web site for further information: https://fingerd.jimdo.com/


In some cases. Please visit: https://fingerd.jimdo.com/ for further information.


David C. Finger, Ass. Prof. Dr.