Available masters and doctoral projects

An overview of opportunities for students to work with scientists at Reykjavik University on research projects. Please contact the person listed within each project for further information.

Undergraduate level projects are on the Icelandic portion of RU's website: Available undergraduate level projects

Master projects in Computer Science and Natural Language Processing

Suitable as either a 30 or 60 ECTS master's project

The projects are done in collaboration with Belgingur ehf., renumerated by a grant, and are suitable as either a 30 or 60 ECTS master's project, depending on the research's scope and depth.

#1 Building predictive models for the energy production of solar-farms

Renewable resources for producing green electricity include windmill- and solar-farms. Although suitable for generating environmentally-friendly energy, such farms are highly dependent on favorable weather conditions, both in the short- and the long-term. Thus, their production capacity can vary from one day (hour) to the next.

This project will use deep-learning neural-network to build predictive models for solar-farms' short-term energy production, based on high-resolution weather forecasts. The forecasts will be made accessible through an online web-portal.

#2 Generating natural-langue-based weather forecasts from structured weather data.

The use of artificial-intelligence-based software systems to monitor and report on various events in real-time autonomously is on the rise. Such service includes writing news about stock-market development, reporting earthquakes in real-time, or even commentating on ongoing sports events.

This project will use natural-langue generation (NLG) techniques, including machine learning, to translate structured weather data (grid-based) into a natural language (in several languages). The task requires choosing self-consistent textual representation from a pool many potential representations and combine them into concise and coherent paragraphs. The natural-language-based weather forecasts will be made accessible in real-time through an online web-portal.

If you are interested in either of the projects, please contact Dr. Yngvi Björnsson in the Department of Computer Science at Reykjavik University (email: yngvi@ru.is).