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  • Interconnector Regulatory Regime Review

Interconnector Regulatory Regime Review

MSc level project, Iceland School of Energy, School of Science and Engineering


The Iceland-UK HVDC interconnector (IceLink) has long been suggested as a device for export of Iceland´s plentiful energy resources. IceLink has the potential to ensure UK and EU energy policy goals of competitive electricity prices, secure supply and decarbonization of supply. Despite this, there is the risk for project developers due to the regulatory risk associated with complex legal regimes and the risk of policy shifts. This thesis project would examine and update the legal and regulatory environment surrounding interconnection between these two state actors. 


The UK is facing strong structural pressure to modify its electrical system both in the form of security of supply strain, further pressure for competitive, liberalized sale of electricity and increasingly to decarbonize the sector in a changing climate. Conversely, the energy sector in Iceland is dominated by mature renewable technologies but increasing pressure on outdated transmission infrastructure has placed concerns around security of supply. A proposed HVDC link between the power systems of Iceland and the UK has been suggested for at least 3 decades to help tackle some of these long term issues as well as provide a series of potential external benefits including market integration, increased competition, decreased ancillary service costs, access to higher resource values (Iceland) and variable renewable energy infrastructure support. 


This project seeks to clarify regulatory issues surrounding the IceLink project in a post-Brexit environment. Understanding these issues can help clarify the business model that developers should seek if the proposed project is to be commissioned. 


ISE Scholarship


Students should have a background in public policy, economics, law or political science.


Students interested in this project should contact R. Morgan Greene at rmorgang@ru.is