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An overview of opportunities for students to work with scientists at Reykjavik University on research projects. Please contact the person listed within each project for further information.

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Identifying particle inertia in turbulent fluid by smart image processing

MSc level project, School of Science and Engineering


The student will develop algorithms to sort and classify particles of varied size and inertia in a turbulent fluid, by image processing and analysis of their trajectory.


Particle size and inertia are important parameters when studying their motions in turbulent fluid flow. Knowledge of their attributes is frequently not known beforehand, and often difficult to measure accurately. In this project, a simplified problem is addressed, where two particle types are present in the turbulent field, by use of known features, such as their image form and their trajectories they are sorted and the reliability of such an approach evaluated with respect to a more complex field of particles.


The overall goal of the project is to use image processing tools along with knowledge of particle dynamics in turbulence to sort and classify particles in image data acquired from Particle Tracking Velocimetry experiment, and analyse statistical properties of their motions along their trajectories.




30 or 60 ECTS


Ármann Gylfason