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  • Icelandic geothermal

Iceland's Renewable Transition – an GDP Alternative Approach

MSc level project, Iceland School of Energy, School of Science and Engineering


Iceland's transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy resources has been suggested to have resulted in a quality of life increase for residents. This project will seek using a GDP alternative metric such as the social-progress-index (SPI) to analyse and quantify the potential benefits Iceland has enjoyed using renewable energy. 


Today, Iceland currently derives nearly 100% of its electricity from renewable sources with up to 90% of the heating in the country being directly from geothermal sources. Iceland in the 1950s however was highly dependent on fossil fuels for the heating of homes. Identifying and quantifying a potential causation between renewable investment, heavy industry and quality of life could be an important argument for policy makers considering further investment in renewable energy systems. While much research has been done on Iceland´s transition, little work has been done on quantifying the expected quality of life increase by using a GDP alternative index. 


This project seeks to investigate potential causation between renewable energy investments in Iceland and increased in quality of life.


ISE Scholarship


Students should have a background in public policy, economics, law or political science.


Students interested in this project should contact R. Morgan Greene at rmorgang@ru.is