Available masters and doctoral projects

An overview of opportunities for students to work with scientists at Reykjavik University on research projects. Please contact the person listed within each project for further information.

Undergraduate level projects are on the Icelandic portion of RU's website: Available undergraduate level projects

  • Design optimization of antenna structures using adaptive response prediction

Design optimization of antenna structures using adaptive response scaling

MSc level project, School of Science and Engineering


The project involves development of numerical modeling and optimization algorithms, conducting numerical experiments, working with commercial electromagnetic simulation software packages, as well as experimental work (fabrication and measurements of antenna prototypes).


The project prerequisites include basic knowledge of numerical analysis and good working knowledge of Matlab programming. The project will be conducted within Engineering Optimization & Modeling Center (EOMC). EOMC has access to all the computational and experimental tools (computational facilities, simulation software packages, fabrication facilities, high-frequency anechoic chamber, etc.). The project is supposed to lead (apart from the thesis) to at least two scientific publications, which may be a good start for students interested in pursuing an academic career.




Slawomir Koziel, Engineering Optimization & Modeling Center, School of Science and Engineering