Searching for journals

LIRU's journal list allows you to access every journal that LIRU subscribes to. The journals are accessible through our databases, some accessible through more than one database.
If you are searching for a specific journal, type the title of that journal in the search window on the journal list's web page, change the interface to English and check the box "Starts with".
You can also browse through the journal list by typing in a word that you want a journal title to include, i.e. accounting. You can even type in the stem of the word along with a star, i.e. account* and check the box "Contains", which should yield results with every possible ending of that particular word, .
The search results should give links to the journal/-s which could be accessible in one or more databases. You should also see information about the journal account, i.e. how far back the subscription goes, if there is an embargo (the most recent issues are commonly not accessible) and a symbol stating whether the journal is peer-reviewed (a magnifying glass and a paper).
LIRU has also compiled a list of Icelandic peer-reviewed journals accessible in full text.

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