Citation styles

RU requires high quality of scholarly work and projects and thus requires citing sources according to accredited citation styles. Correct citations in projects can be defining when it comes to academic assessment of projects. Citation styles used are APA, IEEE, and OSCOLA.

APA style

APA citation style refers to the rules and conventions established by the American Psychological Association for documenting sources used in research papers and thesis. Used within the School of Business, Psychology, Sport Science, Preliminary Studies and partly within the School of Science and Engineering.

APA style requires two elements for citing sources: Reference citations in text and a Reference list. Together these elements identify and credit the sources consulted in the paper and allow others to access or retrieve the material.

Recommended tutorials and guides: 

For more information, visit the APA's web site 

IEEE style

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers reference style, the IEEE style, is widely used within the field of technology such as computer science and electrical engineering. According to IEEE, citations are numbered in square brackets and the list of references at the end of an article or an assignment is arranged in the same numerical order as the citation numbers. Used within the School of Science and Engineering and School of Computer Science.

The IEEE style and the Zotero reference tool are very compatible

IEEE-Zotero instructions

OSCOLA style

OSCOLA - The Oxford University Standard for Citation Of Legal Authorities - style homepage. Used within the School of Law.

OSCOLA Fourth Edition 2012 (quick reference guide on last page)
      - General notes
      - Primary sources (Great Britain, EU sources, European Court of Justice, Court of Human Rights)
      - Secondary sources (books, journal articles, reports, websites...)

OSCOLA 2006: Citing international law sources section
      - Treaties, international cases and decisions

OSCOLA íslensk aðlögun ágúst 2015
      - Icelandic primary sources
      - Table of English/Icelandic abbreviations

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations 2006
      - Only to be used for primary sources other than listed in Oscola Fourth ed.

FAQ - for sources not to be found in Oscola Fourth ed. e.g. dictionaries, speeches, Youtube... 

Google if you need an answer regarding OSCOLA!

Oscola-Zotero instructions (located at the Icelandic Oscola RU-website)

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