According to the Icelandic National Qualification Framework for Higher Education students should "recognise when further data is needed and have the ability to retrieve it, assess its reliability and apply it in an appropriate manner". The framework also states that students be able to "use reliable data- and information resources in the relevant scientific field".

The teaching policy of RU states that students should acquire “skill in using the scientific work methods of their field of study and the competence to utilize their knowledge in studies and work”. The teaching policy also states that students should acquire “a solid academic background” and  “receive training in scientific work methods”.

In order to reach these objectives, it is necessary for students to acuire skills in finding sources, working with sources, and citing sources; that is, they should be able to search for and find reliable sources whether it be in databases or on the internet, make use of these sources, and cite the sources according to recognised citation standards.

In accordance with RU policy on the quality of projects, the university has adopted the plagiarism detection software Turnitin.

Students are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with the reference management program Zotero.