About OSCOLA Style

OSCOLA - The Oxford University Standard for Citation Of Legal Authorities - style homepage. Used within the School of Law.

OSCOLA Fourth Edition 2012 (quick reference guide on last page)
      - General notes
      - Primary sources (Great Britain, EU sources, European Court of Justice, Court of Human Rights)
      - Secondary sources (books, journal articles, reports, websites...)

OSCOLA 2006: Citing international law sources section
      - Treaties, international cases and decisions

OSCOLA íslensk aðlögun ágúst 2015
      - Icelandic primary sources
      - Table of English/Icelandic abbreviations

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citations 2006
      - Only to be used for primary sources other than listed in Oscola Fourth ed.

FAQ - for sources not to be found in Oscola Fourth ed. e.g. dictionaries, speeches, Youtube...

Google if you need an answer regarding OSCOLA!

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