For our programme, a strong group of students from various backgrounds is essential. Our teaching methods are diverse and challenging and require the engagement and participation of all involved. In the past the backgrounds of our students have been as follows:

  • Business 20%
  • Health 11%
  • Humanities 15%
  • Art and Entertainment 3%
  • Law 2%
  • Natural Sciences 14%
  • Engineering 13%
  • Computer Sciences 22%

Student Board

Our student body annually elects a student board to work with the directors of the programme in order to critically evaluate and improve our activities.

Student follow-up

We stay in touch with our former students in order to support them, ask for their opinions, and monitor their prospects and further professional development. We are proud to say that our MPM graduates have developed well-deserved reputations within NGO´s, industries, organisations, governmental bodies and business enterprises. We are also greatly encouraged by seeing our students spread the MPM influence all around the globe for the benefit of businesses, communities and societies.

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