Why MBA at RU?

10 reasons:

1. Earn an internationally accredited degree

The MBA programme is AMBA accredited and content and teaching quality - as well as content - are monitored and continually strengthened.

2. Work with outstanding professors from all over the world

Learn from a diverse team of teachers who are all recognized experts in their respective fields.

3. Grow and boost your career

Gain a valuable perspective of yourself and your career through various courses and the Personal & Professional Development programme.

4. Challenge yourself & make a change

Be part of a class made up of diverse group of people who are willing to challenge themselves and are make a positive change.

5. See past your own perspective

Empower your thinking, your analytical and decision making skills, and challenge the status quo.

6. Implement your ideas

Develop your entrepreneurial and innovative thinking in order to create, strengthen, and transform.

7. Lead the responsible way

Gain the skills and understanding that will help you become an ethical and responsible leader that gets results.

8. Learn solid business

Reinforce your business acumen and develop an outstanding portfolio of unique set of competencies in both traditional and more visionary courses.

9. Tap into a strong network

Belong to a strong cohort and tap into the extensive RUMBA Alumni in addition to the international AMBA student network.

10. Create value for your company or employer

Create value for your employer or your company by applying new knowledge and skills that you acquire from day one.

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