Jón Arnór Stefánsson

Jón Arnar Stefánsson, viðskiptastjóri í eignastýringu hjá Fossum

"The experience has both been challenging and fun, and the friendships I made during the programme will last a lifetime."
Jón Arnór Stefánsson, Asset Manager at Fossar Investment Bank, EMBA 2023 

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Gissur Jónasson

Gissur Jónasson Executive Director at Íslandsbanki - EMBA 2024

"I'm now more confident in navigating complex challenges and driving organisational success"

Gissur Jónasson, Executive Director at Íslandsbanki - EMBA 2024 

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Tótla I. Sæmundsdóttir

Tótla I. Sæmundsdóttir, Educational Director at Samtökin

"It was so much more than a business educational experience. It has been a leadership training and a journey of personal growth."
Tótla I. Sæmundsdóttir, Educational Director at Samtökin - EMBA 2023

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Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir

Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir - MBA 2022- Freelance policy and management advisor and organizer of construction projects

"My MBA journey confirmed that whatever you do in life, people and communication are the key to well-being and success." 
Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir - EMBA 2022

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