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Most of our students have a number of responsibilities that demand their attention: full-time jobs and often a family. In accordance with the MBA's aim of personal improvement, the balance between work, study, and personal life is taken seriously and the structure of the programme reflects that - giving students the opportunity to work intensively for short sprints and getting long breaks between semesters. 

Programme overview


Classes take place every other weekend, from lunch-time on Thursdays, and on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Thursdays: 13 - 17 / Fridays: 9 - 17 / Saturdays: 9 - 17


  • Total: 90 ECTS credits
  • Per semester: 22,5 ECTS credits

Length of study

  • 20 months, during 2 years


  • Late August - May


The programme consists of 17 courses - all mandatory.


Most courses are taught during two sessions per semester. Personal and Professional Development is taught over four semesters. 

Work load

According to the RU Service Survey carried out by independent researcher Maskína in 2019, most MBA students (nearly 80%) spend 11-30 hours per week working on projects and reading course material - outside of the teaching sessions.


Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

1st year:

2nd year:

MBA Brochure 

MBA Rules

The all-important balance

Scheduling of courses and dates for assignment deadlines is available well in advance making the integration between school, work, and personal life easier. The programme is designed so that students attend short, intensive sessions with a good break in between. 

Thomas George Alfred Perks - Data Consultant - MBA 2023

Thomas George Alfred Perks - Data Consultant - MBA 2023

"The on-campus facilities and high quality of teaching at RU are fantastic and the MBA certainly exemplifies both. The MBA program draws on the best Icelandic and International business teachers to give students a practical skill set for effective leadership. The MBA also offers an excellent opportunity for students to network and build meaningful connections in Iceland. The most surprising element of the MBA program has been how quickly the class has bonded and the diversity of international experience. The skills taught in the MBA will help my professional career to continue to grow and challenge the way I approach problem-solving."

Exchange studies - Semester abroad

MBA students have the opportunity to apply for an exchange semester abroad during their study. The seats are limited and can vary from year to year. In recent years, our students have spent one semester at outstanding business universities. For further information please contact the MBA office at You can also contact the RU International Office for more information about the exchange programme for RU students

Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir - MBA 2022- Freelance policy and management advisor and organizer of construction projects

Ingibjörg Lind Valsdóttir - MBA 2022- Freelance Policy and Management Advisor and Organizer of Construction Projects

"The experience and knowledge of my fellow students has been invaluable during my MBA journey, confirming that whatever you do in life, people and communication are the key to well-being and success. The MBA program has also greatly expanded my business network and added to my knowledge and self-confidence to work inside marketing and finance. I chose the program for its international approach, diversity and focus on business operations and innovation as well as collaboration with the world's best business schools."

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