"Things really change after completing the MBA"

There are certain opportunities in the program that I think you don't get elsewhere.

Executive Director Svanhildur Hólm Valsdóttir

Be ready

As well as giving students a firm business foundation and an outstanding portfolio, the RU Executive MBA prepares them for the demands they are confronted with as leaders in today's rapidly changing society. Students also reflect on their personal growth, life, and career paths, and training is given through workshops, assignments, and guidance from coaches.

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The programme prepares students for the four frontline challenges facing leaders of today: 

Digital disruption

Digital transformation is addressed with a focus on implications for society, organisations, and employees through the course Competing in a Digital Age.



With the MBA curriculum and training, MBA students develop an entrepreneurial mindset with MIT DesignX workshops and final project.

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The RU MBA masters the necessary local and global focus of industry today with professors from 12 international universities, international cases, and a study trip to MIT, Boston.


Responsible leadership

Ethics and sustainability are put in focus with the course Responsible leadership as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) financial performance through courses, cases, assignments and simulations.

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Change, Lead, Innovate


Grow and boost your career

Gain a valuable perspective of yourself and your career through various courses and the personal & professional development programme.

Challenge yourself

Be a part of a class made up of a diverse group of people who are willing to challenge themselves and make a positive change.

Work with outstanding professors from all over the world

Learn from a diverse team of teachers with varied teaching methods who are all experts in their field.

Tap into a strong network

Belong to a strong cohort and tap into the extensive RUMBA Alumni in addition to the international AMBA student network.


Learn to lead the responsible way

Gain the skills and understanding that will help you become an ethical and responsible leader that gets results.

Learn solid business

Reinforce your business acumen and develop an outstanding protfolio with a unique set of competences in both traditional and more visionary courses.

Implement your ideas

Develop your entrepreneurial and innovative mindset in order to create, and transform.


Create value

Create value for your company or employer by applying new knowledge and skills that you acquire from day one.

See past your own perspective

Empower your thinking, your analytical and decision making skills, and challenge the status quo.

Embrace creative and unconventional thinking

MBA_Aldis-Sigurdardottir_ICE_5044-web"The MBA journey is a demanding personal and professional challenge. During the journey, our students discover their values and collective strengths, they learn to “peal the onion” and strengthen their analytical and critical thinking skills, they embrace creative and unconventional thinking and approaches.

Our students know that diversity, cultural and interpersonal differences, are something to be celebrated. They are willing to make decisions and lead in a responsible manner, they are ready for growth and change. Increased emphasis on responsible leadership & entrepreneurial thinking gives our students a foundation that will be indispensable in their future career."

Dr. Aldís Guðný Sigurðardóttir

Director of the RU Executive MBA

Arnar Mar Snorrason, Director of Market Development, Sæplast - MBA 2022“The MBA programme at RU has been a fantastic journey where I have challenged my personal strengths and weaknesses. I have gained valuable experience from professional academic teachers and fellow students that have diverse backgrounds and experience. The dynamic in the group and the energy level was outstanding and we had great fun. Last but not least I have gained valuable friends for life.”

Arnar Már Snorrason
Managing Director of Sæplast Europe
MBA 2022  


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