"My time in the MBA has been exciting and interesting"

RUMBA-1Updating your knowledge

The MBA is in many ways much more than a two-year graduate course. The alumni association, aptly named RUMBA, gives students that have graduated with an Executive MBA from Reykjavik University an opportunity to maintain, and grow, the invaluable network they established during their time together at RU.

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The alumni association emphasises giving MBA alumni a chance to maintain and grow the valuable network formed by attending the programme. By joining the association alumni have the chance to nurture friendships and connections to Reykjavik University.

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Annual conference

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RUMBA hosts a well-attended conference each year. Prominent individuals from industry describe their experiences and relate practical knowledge on a relevant topic, usually about the nature of leadership and important global trends.




Keeping in touch and having fun

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RUMBA also hosts various events to pick and choose from such as lectures by former MBA professors, company visits and talks, and social events.





Jón Magnús Kristjánsson

"The MBA programme at RU has exceeded all of my expectations. The quality of the teaching is exceptional and the active participation of fellow students in class discussions has been invaluable for gaining a better understanding of various subjects. The group has a great dynamic and although the programme is demanding, my time in the MBA has been exciting and interesting. I have already gained knowledge and skills as a leader and manager and look forward to tackling whatever comes next."

Jón Magnús Kristjánsson, MBA 2020


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