Due to the limited number of spaces on the programme we cannot offer admission to all applicants. We evaluate all aspect of the application, and specifically we evaluate applicants on intellectual vitality, leadership potential and personal qualities and contributions.

An important goal in the admission process is to create a group with diverse educational backgrounds and work experience. We want students who contribute to the classroom and are willing to share their experiences, because we believe that all students learn invaluable lessons from sharing experiences and perspectives with classmates from many different backgrounds.


  • Undergraduate degree
  • Work Experience (minimum 3-5 years)
  • Good command of the English language

All applicants must submit an electronic application and attach the required accompanying documents.

Required documents with application

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official Transcripts of diplomas
  • Two personal statements:
    1. Why do you want to pursue an MBA (up to 500 words)?
    2. Discuss your short term and long term goals post MBA (up to 500 words)
  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can assess the applicant's abilities to participate successfully in the MBA programme.

The letters can be in either Icelandic or English. Letters of recommendations shall be submitted directly to Reykjavik University in a sealed envelope or sent  to in an email, but they have to come directly from the person that gives the recommendation.

Application deadlines

  • The application deadline is 30 April.
  • Please contact the MBA-office for further information.
  • Early applications are encouraged. All applications are confidential.

(Note that the application deadline for students outside the EU/EEA is 1 February)

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