Progress of studies and evaluation

Time of studies
Masters studies should at a minimum extend over four terms (spring and fall). It is assumed that students will normally complete 30 credits per term, or 60 credits per year, based on normal progress.  Students should complete their masters studies no later than four years after they are begun.

Total number of credits per term
Students may apply for registration in one course per term in excess of 30 credits, provided that this is necessary to complete masters studies in four terms, as provided in the first sentence of Article 20.

Performance evaluation and grades
Performance evaluation and grading are subject to the RU Rules on examinations and grading.

 In order to pass an examination in masters studies in law students must receive a minimum grade of 6.0 in all study components for which registered grades are given at the RU School of Law. This requirement applies also to any previous studies evaluated for a credit transfer as a part of masters studies, as appropriate.

 In order to pass a course a student must receive a minimum grade of 6.0 for the final examination. If the final examination accounts for less than 20% of the final grade, a teacher is permitted to deviate from this provision.

The final grade for admission to the legal profession within the meaning of Article 2 of these Rules shall be calculated as a weighted average of all grades awarded for the study components of B.A. and M.L. studies.

If a student does not meet the above minimum requirements regarding progress of studies, the student's rights to further studies at the School of Law shall lapse. However, a student may apply for re-enrolment in the School of Law. It is a condition for re-enrolment that the student's results in completed studies show unquestionable ability or unquestionable progress in studies, and that the average grade in the courses completed by the student at the M.L. level is 7.0 or better. If such permission is granted, the applicant student shall retain the courses completed with a grade of 7.0 or better. Permission for re-enrolment can only be granted once in the course of studies.

Suspension of studies
Students may apply to the Academic Council for permission to suspend studies. The request shall be supported by adequate documentation showing sound reasons for the request. Reasons that may justify suspension of studies include childbirth or illness. Permission for suspension of studies may be granted conditionally. The maximum duration of the suspension is 1 year. The maximum time of study pursuant to these Rules will be extended for a time corresponding to the suspension of studies.

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