Is ISE for me?

Our programmes are intended for students from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds who have a common interest in finding ways to better meet the growing demand for energy that is clean, safe, and available in a convenient form and at a competitive price. Typically our students will have degrees in engineering, geo-science or business administration.

One of the many strengths of Iceland School of Energy is our interdisciplinary approach to sustainable energy that allows our students to follow their research interests.

Full-Time Graduate Studies

There are four full-time graduate level programmes offered at ISE - depending on your interests, one might be better suited for you than the others.

For those interested in:

  • facilitating the implementation of renewable energies
  • development, economics or operation of an geothermal resource park
  • geothermal exploration
  • energy law and regulation
  • energy related start ups / business / entrepreneurial activities

The Sustainable Energy Programme may be right for you.

For those interested in:

  • geothermal power plant design
  • wind turbines and modelling of potential output
  • fluid dynamics and thermodynamics
  • developing technologies suited for extreme technologies
  • solving engineering problems

The Sustainable Energy Engineering programme may be right for you.

For those interested in:

  • power system structure and design
  • electric power generation
  • smart grid technology
  • electricity economics and markets
  • flexibility for niche specialization within electric power

The Electric Power Science Programme may be right for you.

For those interested in:

  • power components structure and design
  • power system structure and design
  • electric power generation
  • stability and control
  • solving engineering problems

The Electric Power Engineering Programme may be right for you.

Short Programmes and Professional Development

  • For those who do not have two years to invest in their green studies or are looking for an introduction to the energy industry, the summer school condenses a semester of introductory courses into 3 weeks to give students a comprehensive overview the possibilities, issues and connections.
  • Iceland School of Energy also provides continuing education courses for professionals looking to capitalise on the expanding market opportunities in the energy field. Our professional education programmes are offered in collaboration with all the departments at Reykjavik University to create multidisciplinary learning options that range from individual employee exploration of new technologies, to group courses and tailor made programmes. 

Course Descriptions for all ISE Programmes

Need help?

  • To find out if your experience and qualifications are right for the programme, please contact our programme manager who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • If you have other questions about the application process, please contact
  • For technical support, please contact

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