Company Profiles

Companies that Iceland School of Energy students have collaborated with in the past include several world leaders from the renewable energy sector, geothermal industry or otherwise active in the sustainability field.

Industry partners

Reykjavik Energy (Orkuveita Reykjavikur) and Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) are two companies that our students frequently collaborate with. Students have been involved in internship projects and conducted their final thesis work with both of them. Read more about our partners.


Orkuveita Reykjavikur

Reykjavik Energy is a world-leading geothermal energy company and has led the way in the establishment of new geothermal power plants.


Iceland GeoSurvey

Iceland GeoSurvey, established in 2003, is a leading provider of scientific and technical expertise to the geothermal industry in Iceland and abroad. The company has six decades of experience in geothermal and hydro power, research and development.



Industry collaborators

Alongside our main partners, Iceland School of Energy collaborates with leading renewable energy companies in Iceland. Our collaborates provide various services including; expertise, teaching, internship placements and access to energy sites. See the full list of collaborators.



Efla Consulting Engineers

EFLA is a general engineering and consulting company based in Iceland with international activities and consultancy around the globe.  Their services are marketed in six different divisions: Energy, Industry, Buildings, Transportation, Environment and Project Management.

hs orka

HS Orka

HS Orka is a utility company, since 2008 owned by Vancouver-based Alterra Power Corp. They operate Svartsengi and Reykjanes geothermal power plants and are heavily involved in the research on expanding the geothermal value chain and extension of an energy resource park around Svartsengi.


Landsvirkjun, owned by the Icelandic state, processes 75% of all electricity in Iceland. The company operates 16 power stations, of which 13 are hydro power stations, two geothermal power stations and one natural gas fires reserve station.


Landsnet was founded in 2005 to operate Iceland's electricity transmission grid.
Iceland Geothermal Cluster

Iceland Geothermal Cluster

Iceland Geothermal represents the geothermal sector in Iceland and has on average more than 50 members that together manage the geothermal resources of the country. Some of their members are active players in the development and utilisation of geothermal energy outside of Iceland, as Icelandic companies are actively taking part in geothermal project all around the globe.
Green Energy Geothermal

Green Energy Geothermal

Green Energy Geothermal is an engineering firm that focuses on well-head generation geothermal units that fit inside regular freight shipping containers. They operate mostly in Kenya, Tanzania and Indonesia, their Research & Development is located in Reykjavik.


Orkustofnun, the National Energy Authority, is a government agency under the Ministry of Industries and Innovation. Its main responsibilities have been to advise the Government of Iceland on energy issues and related topics, promote energy research and administrate development and exploitation of the energy resources.


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