Geo-scientist turned energy trader

Gaynor Mcllraith makes her way to Denmark


Gaynor Mcllraith graduated from the Iceland School of Energy (ISE)  in July 2018 with an MSc. in sustainable energy science. She graduated from the Queen's University with a BSc. in environmental sciences and geological sciences. 


Gaynor's scholastic background led her to partake in the various geothermal courses offered by ISE. From the start of her master's program, Gaynor knew she wanted to be involved in the financial side of energy and after completing the geothermal courses, she understood the introduction of these types of energy markets is highly location specific. After all, most places aren't as geothermally blessed as Iceland.

Having been exposed to expat life and the excitement of moving somewhere new, Gaynor became drawn to more geographically versatile sectors. This is when she began to partake in more business-oriented courses. She notes that one of the advantages of the Iceland School of Energy is that she was able to take classes outside of the ISE department, allowing her to customize her education experience.

Taking the economics of energy markets course with Ewa Ryszarda Lazarczyk Carlson was a turning point for Gaynor. She was very taken with the course and Ewa later became one of Gaynor's thesis advisors.

Gaynor later did an internship with Landsvirkjun, Iceland's national energy company, on a project modeling offshore wind potential. During this internship, she met her other thesis supervisor, Stefan Kari Sveinbjornsson.  She took the lead in determining the project's economic feasibility.

Post graduation, Gaynor went through the typical application process of sending applications, CVs and undergoing interviews. Until in July she found the right fit. Skype interviews turned into in-person interviews abroad, and after an open two-way conversation between Gaynor and her future employers, she is packing her bags to officially become an Energy Trader in Denmark.

Gaynor will begin to work for Neas, a company based in Aalborg where she will facilitate electricity usage by trading energy within 20 international markets. She is looking forward to learning, working in a fast paced environment, and experiencing a new culture.

Congratulations Gaynor!


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