Reykjavik University Campus

Set in one of the most beautiful areas of Reykjavik, and placed right next to Iceland's only geothermal beach, this unique campus offers students modern, first-rate facilities. The building has well equipped classrooms and students have 24-hour access to the spacious study facilities.


A view from "The Sun", a central, communal area that provides study areas, a café and shop.

Environmentally conscious

The campus is one of Iceland's most automated buildings – designed to provide an environment optimal for working while using the lowest possible amount of energy.

Automated blinds and windows

In the main areas of the building, the blinds and windows are controlled by a weather station positioned on top of the University roof. This weather station collects information about wind direction and outside temperature, adjusting the windows accordingly. The blinds are automated to ensure direct sunlight does not disturb students while working.

A breath of fresh air

The University building is constantly being ventilated with natural fresh air using the NAVENT system. Fresh air is drawn into the building and then pumped into the rooms. Special CO2 monitors ensure the correct levels of oxygen in the rooms. Heaters ensure that the air pumped into the rooms maintains the correct air temperature. In the summer time, the air pumps drag warm air from the building and pump fresh and cooler air in its place.

Intelligent lighting system

Every light in the University has its own IP address and is controlled by the automated system. Light sensors ensure lighting is only on when rooms are in use. Large windows let in natural daylight, which creates a more pleasant working environment.


Beautiful surroundings

Our campus is in the unique position of being located in one of the most popular outdoor areas in Reykjavik.

  • The University of Reykjavik is located right next to Iceland's only geothermal beach, Nautholsvik. Students can enjoy swimming in the geothermally heated sea, or relax in the hot tub right on the beach.
  • Right next to the campus is the most environmentally friendly restaurant in Reykjavik, Nauthóll, which has been awarded the Nordic Environmental "Swan Certificate," and was the first restaurant in Reykjavik to receive this honor.
  • Students can enjoy the many foot and bicycle paths in the neighbouring forest.
  • Students can visit the nearby Perlan, situated on top of the city's geothermal storage tanks.

Student Housing

All incoming Reykjavik University students are welcome to apply to the new student housing facilities located on Nauthólsvegur. The apartment buildings are all very close to campus and so far offer 252 rental units in total.

Full information for applying, rental prices, and room options, as well as unit photos, can be found on the Reykjavik University website's page for Student Housing. The application process is handled by the Student Housing Association, or Byggingafélag námsmanna.

You can apply here directly on the BN website.

New students can register once they have received confirmation of their studies, and RU's allocation rules can be found on the website, as well.

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