About FAE

Mission Statement

An open community, hosted at Reykjavik University.

The Future Arctic Energy network (FAE) is a non-partisan, non-profit initiative supported by the Icelandic School of Energy at Reykjavik University. It aims to create opportunities for students and young professionals to join the discussion on Arctic Energy issues through platforms like the Arctic Circle.

FAE plans to encourage unbiased research of energy in the Arctic, especially encouraging innovative, future-focused projects.


  • Provide students and young professionals with a platform to contribute to the discussion on arctic energy issues, by setting up workshops and collaborations similar to the current events with the Arctic Circle
  • Mentor young members to aide their studies and professional development
  • Encourage students to enter the field through an annual FAE Scholarship for study at the Iceland School of Energy
  • Provide students with opportunities to produce technical articles and briefs to be published by the network
  • Collaborate with like-minded networks and organizations around the world on Arctic and Global energy issues in order to pursue socio-economically and environmentally sound solutions
  • Advocate for the representation of students and young professionals and energy issues in all forums related to the Arctic
  • Generate interesting Arctic-centric thesis opportunities for students in the network by applying the expertise of members.

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